How were built the massive 4 th–Dynasty pyramids

Numerous researchers have studied the massive 4 th Dynasty pyramids, in particularly Khufu's Pyramid, which is the most elaborate of the group occupying the Giza plateau, near Cairo. Virtually everything is known about these structures , except perhaps the most important fact: how were these tremendous cubic meters of masonry put into place?

Henri and Jean-Pierre Houdin have developed a logical and coherent method, which entirely resolves the mystery of Khufu's Pyramid construction, based on two innovative concepts. (This theory has been registered at the United States Copyright Office of the Library of Congress (PAu 2-763-445) and at the French INPI (N°00 171139)

Why this Association?

This association was set up to support and promote their innovative theory. In particular, the association will gather scientific, technical and financial means to study the internal structure of the massive 4 th Dynasty pyramids. The formal detection of currently unknown internal galleries used for the construction of Khufu's Pyramid is among one of several research plans.


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